I was so impressed by the professionalism, attention to detail and “can-do” spirit of the Meeting Logistics team that I later used them for our last two National Sales Meetings in 2008 and 2009. These two meetings were on-budget, creative, worry free and a giant success. One other aspect that should be noted is that Meeting Logistics works well…
Scott M. Director Worldwide Marketing



Technology plays a key role in meeting and event planning and the number of technology tools, platforms, devices and programs continue to grow. Meeting Logistics embraces technology and we are prepared to help clients develop a strategy around solutions that drive business outcomes. We think strategically about what technology we can apply to help execute on your business objectives and how we can make the lives of our customers better.

  • Enhances the meeting experience
  • Increases the ability to connect with attendees and customers
  • Extends the meeting experience
  • Attracts new business
  • Deepens engagement and more personalized interaction
  • Metrics aid in key measurements on investments

Social Media

Social media can increase the value of an event to all stakeholders including attendees, meeting host, sponsors, future attendees and non-attendees. Social media raises brand awareness, promotes products and services and increases connections globally. Developing a plan that incorporates the social media options best aligned with your goals and around knowing your target audience will generate the highest returns.

Online Registration

Online registration systems collect accurate and complete data which is stored in a database with real time access. Customized invitation and registration pages are developed for your event and can be distributed in multiple formats including print and email. All attendee information that is collected is accessible 24/7 and is easily downloaded in report form for attendee status, general management information and follow up communications. The same tools can be used for pre or post surveys providing analysis and measurement of outcomes. Meeting Logistics has experience in multiple platforms and can help you to choose the rights tools that provide these features and benefits.

  • Professional state of the art image and fully customizable
  • Increased productivity and significant savings of labor costs
  • Data entry time is eliminated
  • Reduction in keying errors, improved data accuracy
  • Reduce print and postage
  • Improved reporting
  • Increased convenience for attendees
  • Accounting automation